This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 101020100


Our expert review panel

Ethics and security topics:
the main concern of multiscan 3d project

The MULTISCAN 3D project will include activities, which will generate security sensitive and in particular EU RESTRICTED documents. This will in particular include the sensitivity levels of the MULTISCAN 3D technologies, which could help malevolent players to fine-tune their shielding of SNM, illicit goods and explosives to avoid detection.


Thus, the project coordination will bring attention to address ethical and security issues. To have an external point of view on Ethics and Security are correctly address by the project, an external expert will be appointed at the start of the project to advice project partners where tasks are related to topics would take the risk to overpass National and European legislation for protecting project participants or any other European citizen. His role is to address and report partners on Ethics and Security issues. Part of his role is to review the deliverables listed before.


Also in addition of our Security and Ethic Officer, a Security Advisory Board (SAB) will be set up to address security matters and ensure the proper handling of classified and sensitive information.

Our experts

As MULTISCAN 3D is a highly ambitious project both in terms of scientific breakthrough and in term of applications, the project has received the support of numerous highly reputed scientist and end users. Up to date, our Expert Review Panel include 9 experts and entities from 6 countries